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Taiwan has long been a hotspot for foreign trade, investment and multinational companies. While retaining traditional Chinese roots, it has been deeply influenced by American and Japanese cultures & businesses.

Taipei is an ideal city for an internship- low rent, incredible food, a diverse array of companies, excellent transportation system, world-class restaurants, and widespread use of English. The city of Taipei has evolved throughout the past 30 years to include both business and a beauty unseen in the rest of Asia, providing a high quality, affordable life for its' residents. An internship in Taipei is perfect for anyone looking for Asia experience, while also wanting to be located in an affordable, developed country.


Downtown Taipei is just a short distance away from beautiful waterfalls, mountains, and the beach, providing a great respite from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Day trips outside of the city are quite common among Taipei residents. Mainland China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam and the Philippines are just a short flight away. 

Opportunities and Internships in Taiwan exist with SmartIntern partner companies in all industries- fashion, journalism, import/export, entertainment, startups, technology, finance, and more. With your Taipei internship, you'll be able to work in the industry you want, with a reputable company that provides a career path- whether in Asia or your home country. 

We'll hook you up with a guaranteed internship with one of our partner companies based on your interests and possible career path. You'll also receive over 2,000 digital Chinese lessons and membership to all SmartIntern webinars. Finally, you'll have an assortment of Q&A sessions with the co-founders of SmartIntern, where you can ask anything you want about Taiwan, China, and career development in Asia. We accept applicants year-round, and you may begin your internship at any time!

What's Included in SmartIntern's Taipei internships?

  • A guaranteed internship in Taipei in the industry of your choice, for as long as you want
  • Access to over 2,000 digital Mandarin Chinese lessons
  • Membership to all SmartIntern webinars
  • Q&A sessions with the co-founders of SmartIntern, Brandon & Mike

How Much Does It Cost?

A one-time fee of only $1295 covers all of the above.

How Do I Apply?

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Lia's SmartIntern Story

"I think the best part about SmartIntern is the variety of contacts that [they] have, which gives us the opportunity to go into the sector that we really want. In particular I appreciated the fact that you attentively listened to my requests and expectations, and then actually went and made sure you met them!

- Lia, Finance Consulting Intern '14

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