Work in China: Finding a New Industry

If you’re feeling a bit stuck in your 9-5 in Shanghai, whether it be an unpaid internship or just a place you don’t feel you are growing, then you’re in the perfect place to work your way out! If you can’t afford to start from scratch, Shanghai is filled with opportunity to try something new and get into industries you’ve always been curious about, without sacrificing everything else. Finding part-time work in China is incredibly easy to do, and can be your key to the next step up.

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Shanghai Jobs: What Are They and How Do I Find One?

 The prospect of finding a job in Shanghai can be an intimidating. For one, unless you are hired before coming over to China which, for recent graduates is uncommon, you have to deal with the chicken and egg scenario of a China visa- do you try to get a job from outside of China and then have them help you get the correct visa, OR do you enter China on a tourist visa and look for a job once you are in the country? It's hard to get a job without first being in China, so that's not ideal, but neither is attempting a permanent relocation on a tourist visa.

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Why People Follow the Wrong Passion

One of the defining traits of our millenial generation is seeking- sometimes demanding- meaning in what we do. We expect and often embrace the erosion of work-life balance, and most of us would probably say that it is important that we are passionate about what we do.

I certainly feel this way, BUT I think that the word "passion" gets thrown around a lot, and that when it comes to finding a job or career that they are passionate about, most people are looking at it the wrong way.

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