Solo Shanghai Package


Are you already in China, or preparing to move there on your own, and just need help finding the right job or internship?

Perhaps you are a little older, or a little more independent, and don't need the support services (airport pickup, ongoing events, 24/7 support) we offer in our Supported Shanghai Package. You just want a guaranteed internship.

This package is created for YOU.

This package comes with a guaranteed internship (if we can't place you we'll refund your money in full), Visa Assistance, our China Living guide, as well as full access to our digital suite of Chinese lessons.

You will have a year of access to literally thousands of digital Chinese lessons that you can listen to on your commute, on your bike, or in your bedroom. Anytime, Anywhere.

And whether you are a complete beginner or already speak Mandarin fluently, your Chinese will improve FAST, as the lessons range from beginner all the way up to advanced.

PLUS, we'll also give you two online lessons with a professional Chinese teacher.

Don't want to work in Shanghai? No problem! In addition to Shanghai, you can get your guaranteed internship with one of our many partner companies in Shenzhen, Beijing, Chengdu, or Taipei (Taiwan).

So How Do I Get My Guaranteed Internship and How Much Does it Cost?

The Solo Package placement process is identical to our Supported internship placement process- after submitting your application, we place you in a position that fits your skillset. The difference is that this package is designed for those who require less support, and includes only placement in an internship or full-time job in Shanghai or the city of your choice. Please make sure you have reviewed the application process before applying.

How much does it cost? Only $1295! For more information, please check our Prices page!


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