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Telecommunication Industry Overview

Thanks to fast-developing technology, the telecommunication industry is enjoying an unprecedented boom in China! The Chinese telecommunication market has the largest number of subscribers all over the world, and the industry has seen a continuous growth in revenue in recent years. The monopoly of three state-run telecommunication providers (China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile) makes it difficult for foreign companies to enter the market. However, companies are finding new ways to enter the mobile service market. Communication tools based on the Internet such as Weibo and mobile applications such as WeChat have dramatically reduced the profits of traditional services such as text messages and phone calls. As Chinese companies eager to learn cutting-edge techniques from American companies such as Apple, the dynamic telecommunications market is waiting for young talents like you to explore new ways to better serve China’s 1.3 billion customers. 

Fast Facts

  • China’s economic center Shanghai is the best location to have a telecommunications internship. Reason one: Shanghai residents have a high demand for telecommunication services and products. Reason two: Shanghai hosts a large number of telecommunication firms.
  • The Chinese telecommunications market is the largest in the world in terms of subscribers. In 2012, China has a total of more than 280 million landline telephone subscribers and more than one billion mobile phone subscribers.
  • The mobile sector is growing at a five to 10 percent rate annually. China has seen a continuing rapid mobile subscriber growth fast approaching 1.3 billion.
  • Thanks to a maturing industry infrastructure, 3G-service market is gaining momentum. Now 3G subscribers account for 40 percent of the entire number of mobile subscribers by the end of 2014.
  • China’s telecommunication industry has seen a continued decline in landline telephone subscribers and revenue.


Current Telecommunications Openings

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Current Openings (April 2019):
An iPhone repair and unlocking company is looking to hire an intern to help with the following projects:
  • Create industry reports and identify trends in the Android and IOS ecosystems
  • Poll Chinese users to understand habits and preferences in mobile phone use
  • Supply chain management: In 2018, we acquired an iPhone repair company and now have customers in 39 countries who send their phones to use for screen repair. We need a quantitative intern who can help us to improve our processes.
  • Marketing and sales support for our flagship product, iPhone Unlock, which gives users the ability to unlock their iPhone and use it with any carrier. We believe that phones should be FREE to move from country to country and carrier to carrier as the owner sees fit.
  • Compile data taken from company wide polls

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Learn More About Telecommunications Internships in Shanghai

China's rapid economic growth in the past three decades created a huge market for telecommunication products and related services. Thanks to the rising personal income across the nation, more and more Chinese are able to afford smart phones and high-end telecommunication services.

Since China’s entry to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, foreign operators are gradually being allowed to tap into China’s huge telecommunication market. The three state-run companies still dominate the telecommunication industry through providing telephone and fixed-line services, text messages and mobile Internet access. However, there exists a huge market to manufacture mobile devices, especially smart phones, and provide Internet-based services. Companies are competing fiercely to come up with the most popular mobile application or the most convenient online banking system for a growing number of mobile users. Domestic manufactures such as Huwei Technologies and ZTE are quickly rising and started to compete with foreign brands such as Apple and Samsung in the mobile device market. Their products are highly competitive because they often offer products with similar functions and physical appearances but at cheaper prices.

After the incredible success of Chinese E-commerce giant Alibaba on the New York stock market, Chinese mobile Internet and big data has proven to be highly profitable. It has created a tremendous opportunity for telecommunication companies to renovate the industry and expand revenue sources. Innovative new products like HughesNet Satellite Internet keep the pressure on incumbent players.

Certainly there’s huge business in Chinese telecommunication industry, and the market is highly competitive. Companies are exploring new ways to imitate the success of Apple’s iPhone and Tencent’s killer app WeChat. The booming market has created a large number of job openings and internship opportunities in the industry. Your choice of an internship includes domestic manufacturers such as Huawei and Meizu, large multinationals such as Nokia, or startup companies who try to carve a niche in the market or foreign companies that try to figure out a successful business strategy in China.

Interns sometimes work in teams, and good communication skills are essential. Applicants who possess good problem-solving skills and a positive attitude are also desired. Interns are also expected to work on deadlines and act professionally. Your ability to speak Mandarin with somewhat proficiency will be a big advantage. Because of the technical nature of the profession, knowledge of telecommunication will be required. Certain certificates and skills are necessary to secure some specific positions.

This will be one of those experiences that you will cherish your entire life. You will have the opportunity to learn Chinese language and culture, make new friends and gain valuable experience. The internship will help launch your career! Your knowledge of the Chinese telecommunication industry and business will be of great value to American multinational companies who either have headquarters in China or do business with Chinese companies. Needless to mention, your understanding of Chinese culture and society will add highlights on your resume!

Due to the competitive nature of the industry, the internships sometimes can be difficult to secure! So don’t wait, start preparing and apply now!