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In China, sustainability is still in the early stages, but Shanghai is home to numerous environmental groups, sustainability-focused companies and businesses involved in green energy. Eco-design, renewables and "green" are just as popular in China as in your home country! The trend is increasingly positive and more opportunities for an eco-design and sustainability internships in Shanghai and mainland China are appearing in 2014.

Industry Overview

Lasting smog in major Chinese cities has made news headlines all over the world. Unlike other invisible pollutions, the air pollution has been the primary concern among Chinese residents and an uncomfortable embarrassment for the Chinese government. It is generally acknowledged that the heavy use of coal, particularly for heat during wintertime, and the sharp increase of vehicles in cities are major contributors. The government has invested heavily on green energy sources in hope to transform its old coal-driven economy and ease the pollution. To develop sustainable energy sources not only protects the environment, but also generates a tremendously profitable market. Chinese companies are competing to research, test and develop new ideas and technologies with generous incentives from the government. The green energy industry will continue to grow rapidly in China. This creates a great opportunity for you to jump in with fresh ideas and technical input.

Fast Facts

  • According to International Energy Agency, China will be credited for nearly 40 percent of the growth in renewable energy capacity.
  • Renewable electricity contributes to more than 20 percent of world generation in 2013. This shows the green energy limitless potential.
  • The solar photovoltaic industry is worth $100 billion, and China dominates the industry by controlling the largest share worldwide.
  • The green energy industry’s fast growth is a result of the close cooperation between companies, research institutions and the government. The government gives green energy companies tax cuts, subsidies and other incentives to support their development.

China’s commercial hub Shanghai is home to many leading companies in the industry, and it is your best choice to secure a green energy internship!

Current Sustainability & Green Energy Openings

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Rapid development and inability to access or afford clean technology has resulted in China having to fight an uphill battle and find a balance between economy and ecology. On one hand, China installed more solar panels than any other country in 2013. Renewable energy has become a new focus of government subsidization. The government provides a major push with subsidies, combined with a curiosity and positive view of renewables from the public allows for an attractive reason to invest in the industry. By looking at the numbers from 2013, we can see a very lucrative future for green energy in China and sustainability internships in Shanghai.

Other opportunities within sustainability exist due to companies realizing business interests grow when adopting sustainable practices. Many companies can become more sustainable and green in Shanghai to win customer support, improve lives and the community they reside in. Our partner companies currently have internships available for those who are ready to take the plunge and are up for a challenge. Apply for one of our sustainability internships in Shanghai and learn first-hand with people at the forefront of the industry. 

With the world's largest population, there is a great stress on the environment. Not all is gloomy in the energy sector, as China currently operates the world's largest number of hydroelectric generators and is the largest manufacturer of solar panels in the world (solar-powered water heaters are visible on many rooftops throughout China). Wind power construction and investment was unaffected by the financial crisis and vast ranges of China have been covered in large wind turbines- traveling through Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia provides incredible views of turbines as far as the eye can see. 

China is the largest emitter of greenhouse emissions, largely in part due to its ever-growing automobile industry. China produces more cars than the EU, US and Japan combined, and by 2020 China will have over 200 million automobiles on the road. A number of Chinese and foreign-partnered firms are working to help change the trend and increase the focus on reversing greenhouse emissions through public relations and research on applying green technologies.

Not all is gloomy, however, as China has been the world's top destination for green energy investments in 2009, 2010 and 2012, after taking regaining its spot from the United States. The investments in 2012 totaled over $65 billion and was a 20% increase over the previous year. According to CNN, China's energy bureaus have set long-term targets to achieve 20% renewable energy by 2030- with goals set by a government body it becomes enticing for more investors.