Shanghai Media and Journalism Internships


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Shanghai is home to dozens of publications targeting China's expat market. Through SmartIntern's partnerships with these publications, we are able to provide aspiring photographers, videographers, writers, marketers, or those simply interested in gaining experience in online or print media with an internship in media.

Industry Overview

China is not only well known for its marvelous Great Wall but also its virtual Great Firewall. Media is one of the most controlled industries, and often makes news when journalists cross the government’s capricious red line. Besides the censorship, the media (particularly the print media) also experienced similar setback due to the global economic recession and content digitalization. Despite all the challenges, the media industry continues to grow thanks to technology, especially rising social media platforms such as Weibo and WeChat. As China grew more aware of its global image, the government invested heavily in building its soft power. As a result, a large number of English publications have been formed, some sponsored by local governments. China’s young generation grew up with heavy Western influence and better education, and many of them are potential consumers for English publications. Needless to mention, the growing population of foreigners living and working in China drives up the demand that the market has yet to meet.

Fast Facts

  • China’s entertainment and media market reached nearly $100 billion. The number continues to rise.
  • With Mandarin or some language skills, state-run media would be a great option for you to peek into China’s sophisticated media system and understand the inner workings of state-owned media. Without Mandarin skills, foreign languages, including English, are needed for expat and English language publications (online and print).
  • China has more than 640 million active Internet users.
  • Mobile media is growing at a stunning rate in China. China has more than 920 million mobile users as of 2011. More than 35 million of them use mobile payment systems. Chinese mobile users are also active mobile content consumer.
  • Shanghai is an excellent place to start an internship. Most foreign news agencies have bureaus in Shanghai. Moreover, Shanghai has many local English publications that are looking for talented writers, editors, designers, photographers and videographers.


Current Media and Journalism Openings

Please keep in mind that the below openings represent only a portion of our total current openings! Please apply below or contact us for more details

Current Openings (March 2015):

Position: Marketing & Content Writing Intern

Improve your writing skills and learn from the best with a reputable and highly-respected media outlet based in Shanghai. Possible stipend for anyone who can intern for longer than 3 months. For those applicable, there is a possibility of full-time work after the internship.

Who We Are Looking For: A motivated intern who is ready to get involved with a multicultural team. Background knowledge on luxury brands, blogging and digital marketing is preferred, concrete experience not necessary. Must be willing to speak up and get involved!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Copywriting
  • Content writing
  • Blogging & content development
  • The newest online marketing trends

Position: Copywriting Internship

A marketing agency is looking for a Copywriter to join the team. The company works with both Chinese and multinational clients.

Who We Are Looking For: The ideal candidate will have a strong writing background. The main tasks will require you to write articles for the company website, be responsible for company proposals and promotional materials, ad content, website content and news content. You'll need to be responsible, careful and work well under pressure to meet deadlines. Must be an English native speaker.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Writing experience in a professional environment
  • Editing and maintaining web content
  • Work on tight deadlines according to a strategy and calendar
  • How to work in a multicultural team


Learn More About Media and Journalism in Shanghai

Recent years has seen a huge trend in growth in both expat and bilingual magazines and publications in Shanghai. Subjects include everything from market landscapes & research journals, fashion magazines, nightlife magazines, community, art and expat publications. Print editions are a typical monthly release, while online counterparts require daily posts and weekly segments.

Whether you're looking for something more traditional, or an internship that's more cutting edge and varied on a day-to-day basis, our partners in Shanghai have something to fit your interests. You can seize this opportunity to work on your travel writing, start a new blog or series, and Shanghai can certainly be a start for a new perspective and inspiration. Being down on the ground in China will expose you to sides of live you've never seen before.

Quality journalism internships in Shanghai are difficult to come by, but through SmartIntern's partnerships we've got you covered! Our partner publications offer a wide range of internship roles to get firsthand experience working with the best.