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Both of SmartIntern's founding members come from marketing backgrounds, and believe that Shanghai is a great place to hone your skills in marketing, advertising, and public relations. Nearly every global ad agency- from Ogilvy to Edelman- has a Shanghai office, and an estimated 30% of foreigners working in China are in a sales or marketing position.

Industry Overview

As foreign companies enter the Chinese market and Chinese companies seek to go international, the demand for marketing, advertising and PR is rising at a stunning speed.

The fierce competition among brands has resulted in the expansion of the industry as new firms with different takes or varying amounts of investment strive to gain new clients.Just take a look at the bitter PR fight and lawsuit over the trademark of the herbal tea brand between Jia Duo Bao and Wong Lo Kat (Wang Lao Ji), you will get a sense of the working of highly matured marketing teams with sophisticated understanding of Chinese customers and culture. After years of learning and practicing, Chinese companies are doing much better at building brand names and reaching target audiences, specifically the "Chinese consumer"- who is incredibly difficult to pin down. Chinese consumers have become incredibly sophisticated and difficult to please nowadays. Marketing, advertising and PR firms are seeking out creative talent with excellent understanding of Chinese and foreign markets and Chinese consumerism to help them meet increasing demand. 

Fast Facts

  • As digital media evolves and becomes more important than ever, mobile marketing and advertising undergo fast evolution and unique campaigns being implemented only in China.
  • Social media is a crucial part of marketing strategy. In 2013, there are close to 350 million social media users in China. The number is projected to be 500 million in 2014. The majority of social media users are young Chinese who are also savvy mobile shoppers.
  • PR market turnover in 2010 is estimated to be around $3 billion and Chinese firms accounted two thirds of it.
  • The PR market is projected to be worth of $9.5 billion in 2015.
  • Shanghai is the best location to have an internship in marketing, advertising and PR for its advantage of hosting both established and startup companies in the industry.


Current Media and Journalism Openings

Please keep in mind that the below openings represent only a portion of our total openings. For more information about opportunities in Import and Export in Shanghai, apply below or contact us!

Current Openings (March 2015):

Position: Marketing Internship in Journalism

A company is looking looking for marketing interns who can promote our content to a new audience, build partnerships with other media platforms and advise on our efforts to rebrand for the digital era.

General Responsibilities:
  • Managing our existing social media accounts
  • Developing new social media accounts on platforms such as Pinterest
  • Finding and negotiating with content platforms to share content
  • Working on our annual readership survey
  • Conducting competitor analysis of other media channels
  • Carrying out market research and presenting ideas for product branding
  • Learn software for venue management
  • Self-starters able to work independently with a strong writing ability
  • Proven interest and knowledge of news media, marketing… and China!
  • Strong understanding of what moves content online
  • Ability to work with numbers and analyze information
  • Previous marketing experience preferable
  • Some Chinese language ability preferred for non-Chinese candidates; strong written English required for Chinese candidates

Position: Marketing & Event Management Internship

An events management company is seeking a Marketing & Events Intern to join their team. The internship will allow the intern to take on important responsibilities, increase their network and travel while enjoying the city. Each internship is customizable to help the intern focus on his or her interest, while helping to build their resume to reflect their future career outlook. Commission-based bonuses available. Interns will report to the Director of Marketing, as well as work in and out of the office while attending networking events throughout Shanghai. Each intern will be able to compile a portfolio with the events they've worked on and accomplished to add to their resume.

Who We Are Looking For: The ideal candidate must be a current student or recent graduate from a university- either in China or abroad. The applicant must have a great attitude, upbeat personality and willingness to learn alongside an interest in marketing, branding, and research. Must have good written and oral English skills.

What You’ll Learn:
  • How to manage social media presence and online visibility
  • Conduct ongoing business development initiatives
  • Promote and manage event marketing efforts
  • Plan and execute new events (ie. Concert, pool parties, networking mixer, corporate retreat, etc.)
  • Work on marketing materials
  • Hold focus group sessions

Position: Digital Marketing, SEO & SEM Intern

A leading online retailer is offering a marketing internship. The office is a multicultural, multilingual environment with colleagues from across the globe. Gain immediate responsibility and develop skills in content writing, social media, SEO, CRO, website localization, affiliate marketing, CPC & Google Adwords. You will be learning from mentors and colleagues who understand digital marketing from an international perspective. For those applicable, there is a possibility of full-time work after the internship.

Who We Are Looking For: A motivated intern who is ready to get involved with a multicultural team. Background knowledge on Digital Marketing is preferred, concrete experience not necessary. Must be willing to speak up and get involved! Must not be afraid to jump in on day 1.

What You’ll Learn:
  • Social Media strategy
  • How to adapt quickly to ever-changing strategies and new marketing techniques
  • Blogging & content development

Position: Marketing Intern

One of the largest travel companies in Asia is offering a marketing internship. You’ll develop skills in digital marketing, content writing, blogging and website localization. Work alongside a multicultural team, with colleagues from Europe, Asia and North America. For those applicable, there is a possibility of full-time work after the internship.

Who We Are Looking For: Someone who is ready to participate and develop unique content for the website. Experience isn't necessary, but knowledge on marketing techniques and writing/blogging is preferred.

What You’ll Learn:
  • Content Writing
  • Blogging
  • Website Localization
  • Communication and multicultural engagement

Position: Marketing Intern

A Shanghai backpacking company is seeking marketing interns to join their youthful, energetic team. Work side-by-side with a young group of colleagues from North America and Asia. Current objectives include re-optimizing the website for SEO purposes, bringing new life to social media pages, reach out and contact major players in the industry. If you’re someone who enjoys travel, backpacking and new experiences, this is the internship for you!

Who We Are Looking For: Someone who loves new adventures and traveling! Ideally, the student should have knowledge of digital marketing techniques, and love getting involved on social media.

What You’ll Learn:
  • Event Planning
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Business Development

Position: Marketing Assistant

A data-driven marketing solutions company is looking for a Marketing Assistant to join a multicultural team. With both domestic (Chinese) and international clients, the accepted candidate will have a wide range of experiences. For those applicable, there is a possibility of full-time work after the internship.

Who We Are Looking For: The ideal candidate will be able to implement, execute, track and asses marketing activities. Working independently in various projects is key, but will also need to communicate with the team and customers directly when required. High responsibilities- you’ll need to control the brand image use outside of the company, as well as update competitor and market information.

What You’ll Learn:
  • Competitor research
  • Controling brand images
  • Create advertising schemes
  • How to work in a multicultural team

Position: Web Editor Intern

A data-driven marketing solutions company is looking for a Copywriter to join a multicultural team. With both domestic (Chinese) and international clients, the accepted candidate will have a wide range of experiences. For those applicable, there is a possibility of full-time work after the internship.

Who We Are Looking For: The ideal candidate will have a strong writing background. The main tasks will require you to write articles for the company website, as well as edit and maintain web content according to the content process, strategy and editorial calendar. You’ll assist the chief editor to edit and release journal articles, and promote blogs.

What You’ll Learn:
  • Writing experience in a professional environment
  • Editing and maintaining web content
  • Work on tight deadlines according to a strategy and calendar
  • How to work in a multicultural team

Position: Marketing Intern

Company Overview: We are a startup China ecommerce and digital consultancy focused on providing brands and retailers a one-stop, total solutions service. The firm is offering unique internship opportunities to work directly in a global and professional business environment with high-level executives while creating a unique business model in China’s fast-growing digital, and ecommerce field.

Interns will report directly to the Managing Director, who served as a senior executive for several internet, media, and ecommerce companies in Shanghai.

Successful interns will gain an incredible learning and working experience that will make them extremely competitive in their future job search and career track. Strong performance will be rewarded with extremely beneficial letters of recommendation.

  • Market research
  • Vendor management
  • Partnership establishment
  • Presentation development
  • Sales & Marketing assistance
  • Project planning & execution
  • Career-oriented and aggressive; driven to learn and succeed
  • Avid user of social networking
  • Native English speaking, reading, and writing skills
  • Currently enrolled or recent graduate of prestigious US university
  • Available at least 2-3 days per week


Learn More About Marketing, Advertising, and PR in Shanghai

Whether you want to work in advertising, PR, or digital marketing, Shanghai is sure to offer the right opportunity for you.

Want to hone your ability to draft compelling copy that sells products? SmartIntern partners with companies in need of native English speakers and aspiring copywriters just like you!

More interested in marketing's dynamic, digital side? Shanghai has an abundance of opportunities for aspiring digital marketers, and if you want to learn more about PPC (Pay Per Click), SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Social Media Marketing, there are few better cities than Shanghai to do so. Our digital marketing positions typically involve optimizing products and services for a western audience, but for the right fit there are opportunities to learn about China's dynamic internet culture and work with its many platforms, such as Weibo (commonly referred to as "Chinese Twitter"), RenRen, and Baidu (China's largest search engine).

The marketing positions we offer typically fall into one of two categories- in-house or agency. In-house positions are those where you work in the marketing department to promote the products or services of that particular company, whereas agencies handle the outsourced marketing of multiple client accounts. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, with agencies sometimes providing opportunities to work with multiple brands, thus giving you exposure to several different industries and business models.

PR positions are almost always with agencies, and we partner with several in the Shanghai area, including large multi-nationals as well as smaller, homegrown outfits. If you have a passion for the written word than a PR internship in Shanghai is worth considering.

Along with China's dozens of agencies, are literally thousands of SMEs (small and medium-size businesses) that need help delivering their product to a foreign audience. After all, there are nearly 200,000 foreigners living in Shanghai, so China's market of English-speaking expats is in itself a considerable size. And don't forget the many companies who manufacture products in China like air rifles for squirrels but who need savvy marketers to craft and distribute a message that resonates with their target market in Europe and Asia.

Many new marketing & PR companies are created throughout China each year, gaining reputability. SmartIntern partners with agencies and companies, large and small, that are prepared to give a large amount of responsibility to interns, where they can learn beyond the coffee-fetching stereotype. Of course, we take the intern's priorities into account- whether that be a bigger name, or a smaller boutique agency. Sometimes we may make a recommendation for a Shanghai marketing agency type- in all honesty, if an intern is seeking experience, references, connections, and a boosted CV, a smaller agency is ideal. Larger companies are where interns tend to be lost in the shuffle and have less guidance. If you want to work on one project, start to finish, a larger in-house team is perfect, but being able to assist with numerous projects and clients while gaining a focused experience will require a smaller marketing firm.