Shanghai Finance Internships


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How would you like to work in China's financial center? A city whose influence is fast-approaching that of New York and London in the financial world, and which you can use as a springboard to begin a career in wealth management, accounting, private equity, or research and analysis.

Industry Overview

China is well on its way to shift its economy from driven by manufacturing and export to domestic consumption. This transformation has resulted a dramatic increase of the market size of the financial industry. Despite the fact that Shanghai still lags behind major global financial centers such as New York and London in terms of its infrastructure, free capital flows, financial talent and an environment with transparent regulations, the city has spent extravagantly and worked hard in adding high-tech industrial parks, bridges, roads, hundreds of miles of subway and other facilities to provide supporting services for financial companies. Shanghai has set its sights on becoming a top-tier global financial center by 2020. Domestic and international companies are looking for young talents with skills and a fresh pair of eyes on Chinese economic inner working. This will be an amazing opportunity for you to jump-start your career!

Fast Facts:

  • Shanghai has the largest city economy in China, with a GDP of $353.9 billion in 2013. It grew more than seven percent year-on-year.
  • The added value of the tertiary industry, which includes the financial and information technology sectors, accounted for more than 60 percent of the city’s total GDP in 2013 and largely contributed to its economic growth.
  • The Shanghai Stock Exchange is the world’s third largest by exchange with $13.89 trillion, up nearly 60 percent percent year-on-year.
  • Shanghai is home to 1240 financial institutions. Among them, 215 are foreign-invested.
  • Short-term loans issued by foreign and domestic financial institutions decreased by $20 billion in 2013.


Current Finance Openings

Please keep in mind that the below openings represent only a portion of our total current openings! Please apply below or contact us for more details

Current Openings (March 2015):

Position: Financial Analyst Intern

Finance intern needed at botique wealth management firm located in central Shanghai. You will be working closely with a supervisor to record and analyze financial data for several major client accounts.

Who We Are Looking For: A motivated student or recent graduate with a quantitative mindset and strong attention to detail. Past experience with Excel preferred.

What You’ll Learn:
  • Excel Wizardry
  • How to normalize vast amounts of data
  • How Interpret financial data and economic trends and work with your team to generate recommendations based on those findings


Learn More About Finance in Shanghai

The center of finance in Shanghai is Pudong District, and this is where many of our financial interns work. Just east of the Huangpu River, the skyline of Pudong is stunning. While Pudong is only just across the river from the historic Bund, its hyper-modern design feels like something out of a Sci-fi movie, making for a stark contrast to the 19th century architecture found just across the river.

Pudong is sleek, modern, and the traffic across its Lupu Bridge ways flows almost as fast as capital does through Shanghai.

Pudong is the financial engine of Shanghai, a city poised to become an International Finance Center by the year 2020 and is already the center of finance in China. In 2011, it was ranked fifth in the Global Financial Centers Index with 56% of Shanghai financial companies surveyed by said they were planning to increase head count in the same year.

With the establishment of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone in 2013, we are seeing China’s next, and most significant, step in business and finance since the Open Door Policy was adopted over thirty years ago. Through the relaxation of regulations on foreign investments and allowing foreign involvement in a wider range of industries, growth in China's finance sector is set to further accelerate as companies are allowed more freedom with their investments. Over the next year, the reform policies being adopted by the government will continue to roll out and we will see many exciting changes and growth in the finance sector. The role that Shanghai will play in this industry will be critical as it is already the financial center of China.

The largest firms with headquarters in Shanghai, as well as the smaller firms that are beginning to sprout up, are already seeking talented foreign individuals to assist in the increasing amount of activity. That said, finance internships in Shanghai are competitive, so be prepared for a steep learning curve and rapid personal and professional growth.

China has gained a much greater recognition in its role in international finance industry since as it became the world’s second largest economy in 2012. And being China’s hotspot for commerce, Shanghai is not only the new Promised Land for investors, but also for those eager to springboard their careers by getting in on the ground floor of the world’s new international finance center.

Whether you use a finance internship in Shanghai as a stepping-stone to further career success in China, or parlay it into a position in the financial sector in your home country, it is sure to be the experience of a lifetime.


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