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Industry Overview

In 2010, China’s urban population surpassed its suburban population for the first time in history. With an urbanization rate of 51 percent, the country’s demand for labor, services and infrastructure reached to a higher level than ever. The government has increased its investment in urban construction projects across China. Over the past few years, China's construction and civil engineering industries continue to grow quickly. This trend has created numerous job positions as well as internship opportunities for young students and engineering professionals who aspire to have a career in the industry. Are you curious to see how “Made in China” products come to life? Do you want to see the interworking of the manufacturing industry and construction developments? An engineering internship in the international city of Shanghai is your chance to learn about China’s engineering industry and witness its manufacturing power firsthand!

Fast Facts

  • China’s manufacturing industry contributed to more than half of the country’s GDP in 2012.
  • Shanghai is an excellent location to have an engineering internship because the city hosts a large number of high-tech, green-tech and manufacturing companies.
  • Shanghai is also one of the industry's centers in China thanks to its high economic growth in the past three decades. In preparation for the 2010 World Expo, the city designed and finished large and specialized construction projects that continue to stimulate demand for industry services. 
  • Due to the steady growth of Chinese economy, the revenue for the engineering services industry is estimated to be at $27 billion in 2014. It is up nearly five percent compared to the number last year. The industry expects to see a continuing growth of revenue in building and civil engineering construction sector.
  • The engineering service industry revenue has seen an annual increase at the rate of more than five percent. The total revenue grew from $20.6 billion in 2009 to $27 billion in 2014.


Current Engineering Openings

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About Engineering in Shanghai: Works of Art (Deco)

China's rapid economic growth in the past three decades created a huge market for engineering services. Driven by the government’s housing reform program and Chinese peoples’ rising personal incomes, demand for homeownership has increased considerably and will continue to grow in the near future. As a result, China’s construction firms continue to reap the reward of huge profit and expand their revenue.

As China follows its 12th five-year plan (2011-2015) to continue investing on its infrastructure, the country undertakes countless projects that aim to build more roads, bridges, rail systems, airports and conventional buildings. This development will keep augmenting the market for engineering services industry.

The majority of the industry’s growth comes from domestic projects. Thanks to growing investment in both commercial and domestic real estate projects in recent years, China's booming real estate market is a major contributor to the industry growth. Moreover, domestic construction projects such as high-speed, inter-city and metro rail systems significantly contributed to the increase of industry revenue. As for now, state-owned enterprises still occupy the dominant positions in the industry.

The Engineering Services industry provides engineering services, project planning management, engineering and graphic design services and so on. Companies in this industry have demonstrated their capabilities in solving technical problems and providing professional services such as overall project contracting, construction supervision and consulting.

Your experience in Shanghai where many “Made in China” products are designed, engineered and manufactured ready to send and spread around the world will be of great help for your future career in the engineering industry. You knowledge of Chinese manufacturing procedure and protocol will be valued by multinational companies that have their manufacturing bases located in China or plan to come to China soon.

The types of internships are varied. Interns could work as designers, analysts, developers, engineers, electronic or computer science programmers and technicians in a wide range of companies. You can choose to work in different fields based on your interest and specialty. Job responsibilities could include designing, manufacturing, installing, packaging, selling and repairing products. If you are interested in research, placements might be found in the biotechnology and green-technology sectors. Interns are expected to have a wide range of technical skills as well as the ability to demonstrate leadership, interpersonal and teamwork skills to finish multiple engineering projects.

Minimum duration lasts for three months. Most companies require four to six months for an internship position. To be able to speak some level of Mandarin will be a major plus.

Because of the nature of the work involved, engineering internships in Shanghai are often located outside the center of the city. However more business-focused or researched-focused internships in the engineering industry could be located in the center of the city.

Due to the technical nature of the industry internship, applicants need to have a required academic focus or a proven skill-set to be considered. Apply now!