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The Supported Shanghai Program

supported shanghai internship package

The Supported Shanghai Package is a for those who want to transition to Shanghai with the greatest ease. We'll set you up with housing, provide you with 2,000+ Chinese lessons, and offer a transport card, living guide and more. Of course, this package includes your guaranteed internship as well. 

If you want to use to handle everything for you while you transition to China this is the package for you!

The Solo Shanghai Program

solo shanghai internship program photo

The Solo Shanghai Package is a great fit for somebody who is looking to enter Shanghai on their own. If you are comfortable comfortable securing your own housing (of course, we'll point you in the right direction!) and don't think you'll need additional support, then this is the package for you. Also includes our suite of 2,000+ digital Chinese lessons and your guaranteed internship.

The Solo Beijing Program

internships in beijing

The Solo Beijing Package is for those eager to explore Beijing's capital city (and start-up capital!). You'll get our suite of digital Chinese lessons along with your internship in Beijing.

The Solo Taipei Program

internships in taipei, taiwan

The Solo Taipei Package is for those who want to experience Chinese culture outside of the mainland. It includes your suite of digital Chinese lessons and placement in an internship in Taipei. Delicious Taiwanese snacks not included in package :)