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At SmartIntern, our personalized internship concierge service helps our clients reach their career goals with guaranteed internships in Shanghai and provides our partner companies with highly qualified, responsible and motivated talent. Do you have what it takes to become a Shanghai success story? Apply now!

See what some of our clients and partners are saying about SmartIntern:  

Hunter's Story

"SmartIntern was able to give me insight and know-how unparalleled to any other company I spoke to, and both Mike and Brandon were very personable and easy to work with through the whole process. They were able to find the ideal internship I was looking for within 3 weeks. SmartIntern truly cares about finding the right internship and will put forth their best effort to make it happen.

Mike and Brandon are two classy guys who went above and beyond the services I signed up for. I couldn't be happier with my decision to go with SmartIntern."

- Hunter M., Management Consulting Intern '14

hunter shanghai intern testimonial

Huijin's Story

huijin internship in shanghai testimonial

"I wasn’t putting a lot of hope into finding an internship that is related to psychology, as it is not a popular field in China. However, I had a very pleasant interaction with Brandon and he found me the company that fits my passion. It took less than one month before SmartIntern found me a good fit- thank you so much!

I compared SmartIntern with similar companies. Some of the extra support- such as the SIM card and business card- that is included is very useful and unique. I think it is very considerate of SmartIntern to provide these to newcomers.

If a potential client was on the fence about whether to work with SmartIntern or not, I’d say, 'Go talk to Brandon! He will find you a way!'"

- Huijin, Corporate Training & HR Intern '14

Monica's Story

"I really liked how fast everything was set up, [and] I felt like Brandon and the SmartIntern team really wanted to find an internship that matched my expectations and preferences. Responses were also very fast, and as an applicant it really made me feel at ease through the internship search process.

I would recommend SmartIntern’s service, not only because I had great customer service, [but because] I really felt that their team wanted to make sure I understood every step of the process and ensure I have a smooth transition to China and my internship.

Working with SmartIntern was successful because there was great communication between Brandon and me throughout the whole process, and he resolved any issues or worries I had. He helped me a lot with my application to [a company] beyond what I was expecting.

I would tell any prospects to definitely go for SmartIntern, firstly because the price for the service is very reasonable compared to others that offer a similar service, and the service I received was well worth the price that I paid. Overall, the whole experience of an internship is also extremely valuable, [and] as someone that hopes to go to China and start a career in the future, this will definitely get my foot in the door for after I graduate. I would like to thank Brandon and the SmartIntern Team for all [their] help and support."

- Monica G., Marketing Agency Intern '14

Lia's Story

"I think the best part about SmartIntern is the variety of contacts that [they] have, which gives us the opportunity to go into the sector that we really want. In particular I appreciated the fact that you attentively listened to my requests and expectations, and then actually went and made sure you met them!

I would say that the benefits I gained from using SmartIntern's programme are: the ease of mind coming from knowing that the companies contacted were trustworthy; less worry about the bureaucratic matters involved in coming to China; and definitely the speed in which you processed my application...I was already resigned at the idea of spending at least two months looking for an internship and interviewing with them, and then you managed to finalise everything in less than a month instead. Absolutely benefited from this as I have more time for my internship now!

For the benefits listed above and for the professional, experienced and lovely way that Mike managed the whole process (and ALL my concerns!), I would definitely recommend SmartIntern to anyone who was looking into interning in China.

SmartIntern will give you the opportunity to have a great time (and come back with personal and professional growth unlike any other) thanks to their experience and contacts from years of working in China.

- Lia, Finance Consulting Intern '14

Vince's Story

"The thing I liked most was your commitment to delivering me an internship within the field I wanted...I now have an internship in finance in Shanghai which is what I was hoping for. [Your team] is easy to work with and very accommodating. The speed was very timely and efficient..."

- Vince S., Finance Intern '14

Steven's Story

"What you gain in experience is levels above what's to learn back home. My Shanghai internship provided me with an incredible opportunity to learn and develop a skill set that I took with me back to Europe."

- Steven H., Digital Marketing Intern '13, Currently working at a startup in Berlin

Alex's Story

"I got the perfect internship! My roommate recommended your service to me because he also had a great experience with you guys and he knew I was looking to make a career change. Despite the fact that your website didn't list my area of interest as available, you guys worked closely with me to find a great position for me. Now I will be pursuing my dream job because of your good work. You really have superb customer service, and that was what really made the difference for me. Mike walked me through every step of the way and found me exactly what I wanted. If someone is looking for an internship in China, this is a great company to help you accomplish that."

- Alex T., Art Gallery Intern '14

Kash's Story

"Relationships are critical when building your career and you don't build them from afar, you need to physically be in the same environment, get to know the business community, and nurture those relationships, or 'guanxi' as the Chinese call it. My internship gave me an opportunity to build those necessary relationships in Shanghai."

- Kash I., PPC Advertising Intern '13, Currently PPC Advertising Manager

Corey's Story

"Mike's experience in the business and marketing fields combined with his great Shanghai network make him uniquely suited to help interns in China with SmartIntern. I've known Mike for several years, and have been impressed by his professionalism, great attitude, dedication, and ability to get things done."

- Corey, Author of China Living

Henry's Story

"Mike and Brandon are extremely friendly, welcoming and helpful (and) I feel like I have grown up a lot.

This staff is very professional and the follow up is efficient- Go work with them!"

- Henry L., Hospitality and Event Management Intern '14

Augustin's Story

"I highly recommend doing an internship in China, it opens doors that wouldn't have existed before. My internship allowed me to climb a career ladder at a much faster pace than back home."

- Augustin, Marketing Intern '13, Currently Marketing Manager

Michelle's Story

Brandon of SmartIntern has been in China since 2008 and knows the job market for expats in China as well as anyone. Because of this, I am confident that he can always deliver top quality talent to companies like mine."

- Michelle, CEO @ Bona Consulting

Caleb's Story

"When you compare SmartIntern SmartIntern’s Shanghai Internship service with similar agencies, it’s definitely the best bang for your buck. I really appreciated SmartIntern’s professionalism and immediacy. All my questions were answered promptly, which was a crucial factor for me.

Another benefit is definitely the annual Chinese subscriptions. I was ecstatic to find out SmartIntern would be issuing me an annual subscription.

SmartIntern has helped me every step of the way, and the whole process has been astonishingly simple. They know the market and have the network necessary to get your foot in the door. SmartIntern is more personable and has the right interface for those looking to take the next step. It’s easily the best way to secure an internship."

- Caleb, Finance Intern '14

Kami's Story

"I would like to thank SmartIntern and Michael in particular for finding this great opportunity for me!

But the thing which made me choose your company is the speed you answered my emails. Also, you didn't promise me the heaven but honestly explained what the steps are and what difficulties I should expect. SmartIntern gave me hope (not unfeasible promises) and only after a month I got an interview with [a great company]. After passing it successfully, I could finally enjoy the first steps in my career."

- Kami, Telecommunications Intern, 2014

Hanna's Story

"SmartIntern has been really helpful. Brandon was proactive in the whole process and always keen to provide help in every single step. I was impressed by the efficiency of the service and would definitely recommend SmartIntern to anyone. Brandon not only helped me with the internship setup but also offered me a Surviving Shanghai 101 class, [which] provided some useful tips.

Great placement of the internship, I feel like I’m already learning a lot. "

- Hanna M., Marketing Intern '15

hanna shanghai intern testimonial
Zohaib's Story
zohaib testimonial for smartintern

"In a new country, and especially one whose language I’m not too familiar with, it would have been very difficult for me to arrange my own housing while also focusing on the internship. SmartIntern did a great job in removing that obstacle.

Due to my age and qualification, I was very uncertain whether I would receive an internship at all and was worried that even if I did receive on it wouldn’t be a fulfilling and credible one. To my great delight, SmartIntern proved me wrong. The internship I received definitely surpassed my expectations and I was given major responsibilities right from day one. Within a few weeks, I was presenting to the company’s CEO on necessary reforms for its marketing strategy, developing market localization plans for unexploited markets and handling the company’s search engine optimization system. I felt, from day one, that I was an integral part of the company and received far greater responsibilities than an intern normally expects.

The constant support I received from the team was definitely another highlight. Not only did they help me find a great internship but Brandon and I used to meet up on some weekends to discuss strategies and tools which could help me excel at work. It helped me develop new initiatives for the company and greatly boosted my work performance. I created a competitor portfolio using the tools Brandon suggested and made a presentation on it to the entire marketing team of the company. My suggestions were implemented at great speed and I was also given full charge of changing the company’s SEO strategy based on what I presented. Now I’ve got a glowing letter of recommendation to boast about, all thanks to those weekend meetups.

I would definitely recommend this product, especially to people who are new to the city. SmartIntern not only provided me with a great internship, but they did so in a little less than two weeks. One would generally expect that such an internship might not be a proper one but here too, I was proved wholly wrong. I was placed in a great company and was adding new abilities to my skill set almost daily due to the learning experience which the internship provided. I could not have asked for better service either.

SmartIntern did not only guarantee me an internship; it also ensured that I was equipped with the tools to succeed. I regularly received tips from them about how to shine at work and applying them meant that I was not only building my career but also developing my skill set. Overall they provided an environment in which I could grow, both personally and professionally, and that lies at the core of why Shanghai has been a remarkable experience.

If [someone is] looking for a guaranteed internship and seek to develop not only their career but also their skills, while receiving great support at all times, then I would surely let them know that SmartIntern is what they’re looking for.

What’s endeared SmartIntern most to me is how they converted Shanghai into a learning experience for me. I never imagined that I would come out, in a matter of a few weeks, with a whole host of new skills and a burgeoning confidence about my capabilities. Thanks to my internship, I feel much more confident now, especially when it comes to exploring new opportunities.

- Zohaib, Marketing Intern, 2015

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